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Deluxe li river tour guilin day tour, li river tour. The li river cruise from guilin to yangshuo boasts the most beautiful scenery. The yangshuo to guilin li river cruise departs in the afternoon from the xingping pier in yangshuo. Where to get the li river cruise from guilin to yangshuo. Although as the basic level of li river cruises, the 3star cruises are actually great with the offer of very clean environment, 100120 capacity on the 1st and 2nd decks, where good airconditioners are facilitated for your comfortable feeling onboard. This guilin sightseeing cruise takes around 4 5 hours as it meanders down the river for 83 kilometres from guilin to yangshuo. Gorgeous karst peaks give you surprises at each bend of the limpid river under the blue sky. For visitors staying overnight in yangshuo there are also some yangshuo xingping pier to guilin oneway li river cruise options available to choose and book online. So,the 1st day arrived at guilin,do the city tour if. Its commonly referred to as the best boat available although that status is reserved for the luxury li.

Brimmed with crystalclear waters twists and turns between the beautiful mountains, the 160 kilometers long li river is a highlight of sightseeing tour in guilin while the 83 kilometers long waterway from guilin to yangshuo is the masterpiece of the nature. See the liusanjie showthis colorful and musically glorious extravaganza uses songs, imagery, colorful lighting and costumes, booming music. Li river cruise overview guilin to yangshuo the deluxe li river cruise 4 star boat is the only deluxe li river cruise boat operating on a daily basis. The luxury li river cruise, also referred to as the deluxe li river cruise, operates each morning from guilin to yangshuo. Li river cruise overview yangshuoxingping to guilin the deluxe li river cruise 4 star boat is the only deluxe li river cruise boat operating on a daily basis. The whole trip takes about 4 hours and reaches yangshuo at 1.

Li river guangxi all you need to know before you go. During the 4 hours trip you can appreciate stunning scenery on top deck and breathe fresh air, or take a seat indoor with air conditioning, lunch. Li river tour, guilin li river tour, guilin to yangshuo by. The west street in yangshuo is a 25minute walk from this property. The cruise starts from a pier close to guilin in the morning at about 10am. If you want to take 3star li river cruise, you need to go to mopanshan wharf.

The li river cruise stars from guilin mopan wharf or zujiang wharf and ends in yangshuo wharf. The li river flows 160km long and from guilin to yangshuo is 83 km, which is the essence landscape of li river. Li river is the mother river of guilin city it is famous for its beauty of four features. Li river cruise may be the necessary activity when in guilin tours. Book li river cruise tickets li river cruise booking. See beautiful sights on the li river cruise, a million miles away from the concrete metropolis 2. Find out more about li river cruise price, tickets, seating. Relax on the boat and take in the majestic scenery of the li river. However, you can also buy it at lijiang cruise ticket sales hall upon your arrival in guilin. Or you may taxi from your hotel in guilin to zhujiang dock. Li river lies in guilin as the symbol of this gardening city. Its the most commonly booked cruise boat for foreign visitors among local guilin tour operators.

The view is awesome, more beautiful than halong bay. Took a bus from guilin train station to this place called yangdi with lots of bamboo rafts going to xingping, an ancient town near yangshuo. Cruising on li river is the top thing to do during your guilin tour. The superior li river cruise is the most common and popular li river cruise boat. Yangshuo fuli yangshuo it is a different location on the li river. Book a cruise ticket through the tourist desk at your hotel with a return transfer back to guilin from yangshuo. The li river cruise guilin sets off from zhujiang wharf, about a 45minute drive from central guilin. The most famous part for the li river cruises is the one from guilin to yangshuo, but i propose you a different way to discover these sumptuous landscapes. Its commonly referred to as the best boat available although that status is reserved for the luxury li river cruise 4. If you make a booking or purchase using one of these links, we may receive a small commission at absolutely no extra. Click here to pre book your tickets and check the li river.

With spectacular backdrops of karst mountains, rivers and blue skies, golf in guilin is a popular leisure activity so if interested, please remember to bring your golf clubs when visiting guilin. Guilin li river, lijiang river guilin, li river cruise. Li river cruise from yangshuo to guilin had never existed because it takes two full days of navigation due to the strong stream. One is the big boat cruise and the other one is the private li river motorized raft cruise. Li river cruise,guilin to yangshuo part 4 trip to china.

The 83km long li river from guilin resembles a jade ribbon flanked by idyllic paddy fields and green forested hills, and dotted with pinnacled peaks, yellow shoals, bamboo groves, odd. Join us on the only way to see li river on this cruise from guilin to yangshuo. Enjoy a memorable cruise along the simply stunning li river, one of the most picturesque locations in china enjoy a delicious lunch lunch on board from freshly caught li river delights take a stroll through the ancient and bustling streets of the stunning town of yangshuo. Guilin and yangshuo day tour with li river cruise and reed flute cave. Li river cruise to yangshuo the leisurely cruise from guilin to yangshuo took around four hours and we passed farmers working the land, rural communities living along the river banks, boats used as a form of transport and water buffalo cooling themselves in the river. During the cruise, you will see a poetic landscape featuring green hills, blue water, bizarre caverns and weird rocks as well as. On yangshuo insider website, you can read from yangshuo in direction to guilin but it is only the yangshuo to yandi cruise. Li river guangxi 2020 all you need to know before you.

Book yangshuo to guilin li river cruise tickets yangshuo to guilin. The deluxe li river cruise 4 star boat is the only deluxe li river cruise boat operating on a daily basis along this route. Check any national, local, and health advisories for this destination before you book. If youve chosen the roundtrip option for this li river cruise, once your ship makes it to yangshuo, your guide takes you to west street. Li river cruise, opening your eyes for endless stretch of karst mountains and crystalclear river. Both feast your eyes greatly and fill your memory with beautiful landscape, legend, art and folklore around guilin and yangshuo. How to make a li river cruise from xingping to yangdi. In the year of 20, guilin li river is honored as one of the worlds 15 best rivers for travelers in cnn news. Li river cruise to yangshuo with delectable lunch guilin. Guilin to yangshuo li river 4hour cruise, not enough words to describe the beauty of the li river scenery. The deluxe li river day tour by wendy wei tours is a one day guilin tour focusing on the li river with the 4 star deluxe cruise and other relaxing activities. The area is well known for its ancient architectural style, souvenir shopping, and food.

Li river cruise li river cruise guilin wendy wei tours. Book tickets to deluxe 4 star li river cruise 4 star li. May be the best way is to have a li river cruise tour. Li river cruise from guilin to yangshuo, china tickets. Most guilin to yangshuo li river cruises belong to the level of 3star. Cruise down the serene waters of the li river for spectacular views of the guangxi zhuang regions amazing countryside. But this part of the river is also a little bit crowded because of the chinese tourists and there are less mountains along the way.

How to book a ticket for cruising on li river china. Guilin, the li river cruises starting point december 9, 20 by sapore di cina 2 comments guilin, in guangxi province, is one of most popular touristic destination in china as its the starting point of the cruise on the li river which is surrounded by impressive limestone formations that ends up in yangshuo. Cruise along the li river from guilin to yangshuo, visitors step into a traditional chinese painting a roll of river, mountains, ethnic villages, bamboo groves, rice fields, raft fishing. As i think, the best way to buy li river cruise tickets is to book online in advance. Cruising on li river from guilin to yangshuo china travel tips. If youve chosen the 1way cruise, your tour ends in yangshuo with the rest of the days planning in your own hands. The li river cruise from guilin to yangshuo is the centerpiece of any trip to northeastern guangxi province. Guilin li river cruise, li river cruise route, li river. A cruise down the river is one of the highlights of a holiday in china. Find out the li river cruise price and book your preferred li river cruise tickets online now. Li river, li river cruise guide from a local travel expert. Our englishspeaking guide will call to your hotel one day in advance to confirm the pickup time. Located 90 kilometers away from guilin city, downstream of the li river, yangshuo is the ending city of any li river cruise, but not the least.

Deluxe 4 star li river cruise tickets yangshuo to guilin. Li river cruise china guilin to yangshuo schedule, ticket prices, booking. The li river cruise from guilin to yangshuo is one of chinas most famous and popular activities. Another one is normal boat,chinese guide is 245rmb.

Water buffalo patrol the fields, peasants reap rice paddies, school kids and fishermen float by on bamboo rafts. Thousands of great figures have printed their footprints along this river, and thousands of tourists have left their sweetest smile faces with this river. Li river cruise from guilin to yangshuo or xingpingyangdi is a mustdo for any guest coming to guilin yangshuo. Li river cruise details about the li river cruise in. From guilin we took a river cruise boat on the li river to yangshuo where we stayed two nights in the presence of gorgeous scenery. Li river cruise from guilin to yangshuo day tour guilin. The brief 1day tour gives you two essential attractions, li river day cruise and impression liu sanjie night show. Were overly excited and eager to take this this li river retreat from guilin to yangshuo. Wed like to book a li river cruise on 19th feb morning from guilin to yangshuo wed like to book bamboo rafting on the yulong on 20th feb wed like to book for the sanjie liu light show on the li river superior seat on 20th evening please get back at the earliest so we can book these before we leave india which is next friday. Please note that yangshuo insider has absolutely no connections with any of the. The li river cruise is the most famous of all guilin things to do. There are multiple boats all of the same design, facilities and interior departing daily from the mopanshan wharf on the outskirts of guilin city. Li river cruise to yangshuo coach tour by china highlights.

Coming on a liriver boat cruise from guilin to yangshuo can be a great introduction to the clear rivers and the impressive karst mountain landscape this region is famous for and a true highlight. The green hills are surrounding the li river, and the li river uses her arms to embrace the cruiser. Travel 52 miles 83 km from guilin to the city of yangshuo down the winding river and witness the intriguing karst mountains, dramatic sheer cliffs, and small rural villages lining the shore. The passport number and name of each customer is needed to book the ticket of li river cruise. Guilin, the li river, and yangshuo are described here. I found on this website that recently you could take the li river cruise from yangshuo to guilin. We couldnt hear the running commentary over the engine. Li river resort is a 15minute drive from yangshuo bus station. The beautiful li river is the connecting waterway between guilin city and yangshuo county, which originates on the maoer mountain northeast of guilin. The crystal clear li river is sandwiched between sheer cliffs dotted with few cascades.

From guilin to yangshuo, it winds its way through 83 km 52 miles of. Li river cruise overview yangshuo xingping to guilin the deluxe li river cruise 4 star boat is the only deluxe li river cruise boat operating on a daily basis. The period of time just depends on the water level in the li river. Book yangshuo to guilin li river cruise tickets yangshuo. The guilin to yangshuo cruise meanders 83 kilometres down the river passing incredible karst mountain scenery along the way. If you want to save the money,you can choose the bamboo raft from yangdi to xingping,and then take the bus to yangshuo. Cruising on li river from guilin to yangshuo china. Li river cruise is an activity you should not miss while travel to guilin, take a luxury star rating boat down from guilin to yangshuo for capture the unique nature landscape and rural scenery. Water buffalo patrol the fields, peasants reap rice paddies, school kids and fisherman float by on bamboo rafts. The guide will call or leave you a message the night before your tour to prearrange the meeting time. Guilin has a couple of different golf courses within the city as well as outskirts for those looking to enjoy a round of golf during their visit. Li river cruise tickets and information li river china. Out of xinghuicheng, walk about 800 meters to xi cheng nan lu bei hua sheng tang station to take bus k2. You will be picked up at your hotel lobby between 7.

From zhujiang pier in guilin city to yangshuo, the picturesque landscape will be presented in front of your eyes. Glide along the water, with the hills and the rugged nature around you on all sides. Book tickets to the luxury 4 star li river cruise li river cruise. Guilin liangjiang airport and guilin railway station are a 1. So we suggest guests booking such kind of boat prepare some snacks before your boarding. As i know, the 3star li river cruise departs from mopanshan wharf, and 4star li river cruise departs from zhujiang wharf. Indeed, if there is a place where life spends smoothly, in a paradiselike scenery of karstic hills rising up everywhere in the city with a huge diversity of food cooking and activities, yangshuo is the. Li river cruise, visit to the yangshuo countryside and an afternoon tea with views. We try to book upper deck seating as much as possible for the best views.

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