Elfin book vs rocketbook

These two are the most popular and talked about smart notebooks among the traditional note writers. Reusable notebook, you can simply wipe off your notes by using your damp clothwet tissue, hair driver, microwave oven, eraser. The problem is, taking notes using a keyboard or stylus never felt right. The everlast rocketbook erasable notebook gives you a classic pen and paper. Being the second choice doesnt mean that it is not a good option. The moleskine smart writing set is our favorite because its a highquality notebook with a great pen and an easytouse app that syncs all your notes. Rocketbook uses a square dot grid pattern, while elfinbook has lines, much like a normal notebook. Then, erase your pages and reuse over and over again. If you are habitual of taking a lot of notes, then you must have an interest in rocketbook vs elfinbook. Currently, the best smart notebook is the rocketbook everlast. Use the rocketbook app to scan your notes to popular cloud services.

Ive tried to use laptops and tablets along with a ton of different apps. With all these factors in mind, weve rounded up the best smart notebooks you can buy whether you want a reusable notebook that wipes clean when youre done or one that connects to an app on your. The rubbook is microwavable, and theyve even copied the circle logo that wave uses. Reviewing the rocketbook notebooks your nerdy best friend. This number is probably more of an average and depends on how you mark up the particular page. Elfinbook makers tell me that theyll have genuine ones on amazon shortly. The rocketbook wave is a beautiful and incredibly useful smart notebook with a great app and cool microwave functionality, but it has some flaws. This is a subreddit for artists who particularly enjoy drawing andor are interested in sharing their techniques. Elfinbook rewritable notebook, app backup management. Rocketbook vs elfinbook best smart notebooks life falcon. Elfinbook our second choice when it comes to rocketbook vs elfinbook, elfinbook is the second runner up.

Rocketbook uses a paper that feels more plastic and thin. Elfinbook paper feels more substantial and the ink takes to it much faster. Ive tried to use laptops and tablets along with a ton of different apps to take digital notes. Rocketbook everlast smart reusable notebook letter a4 black, dotted, pilot frixion pen and wipe included 4. Lets go over the differences between the elfinbook vs. Unlike its predecessor, the app accompanying the elfinbook 2. Hopefully i can outline both for you from my perspective so you can see what you prefer. Made out of rockstock, elfinbook is waterproof, ecofriendly and rewritable in conjunction with ancillary pen, and provides exquisite presentation. A smart paperandpen notebook thats endlessly reusable. Rocketbook vs elfinbook the best smart notebook to buy.

Rocketbook everlast is meant to be your last notebook but. There are some additional things you can invest in to make sure you rise to the top of the class, however. A new rocketbook everlast comes with 36 pages, and while this doesnt sound like much, its not a problem because the solution is designed to have the. Rocketbook says you can only erase it about 5 times. Reusable notebook, you can simply wipe off your notes by using your damp cloth, wet tissue or eraser. So when you scan from rocketbook, it comes across looking. First off, a major thing would be the fact rocketbook everlast provides unlimited use as well as multiple color options to choose from whereas the elfinbook comes with a more traditional stone paper material, and even more pages to fill up, making it a better option for those of you who are put off by rocketbook. Rocketbook is raising funds for the everlast notebook on kickstarter. Elfinbook and rubbook i wanted to give some of the rocketbook s competitors a try, so i ordered these two. In one of my other videos i showed the reusable rocketbook. The elfinbook smart notebook is a dampclothorheattoerase hair drier. If youre looking into smart notebooks to help you with your studies whether youre a high school student, college student, or recreational student youll find that these tools are rather helpful.

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